Carpet care guide

Caring for your carpet regularly will help to keep it in a good condition, saving you money in the long run.

Our simple care guide below is full of helpful expert hints and tips.


Care tips for a new carpet

  • Place doormats at entrances to help trap dirt and moisture.
  • Vacuum daily, if possible, during the first few weeks. Loose fibres can work their way to the surface, and these will be removed by vacuuming, plus it’ll help the carpet fibres stay upright.
  • If a piece of the carpet fibre stands proud above the surface, trim to the level of the other tufts. Never pull it out.
  • There may be a slight odour after a new carpet is fitted. This may be caused by the carpet, underlay or any adhesives which have been used. If this happens ventilate the room by opening windows and doors the odour should disappear within a few days.
  • A vacuum cleaner fitted with a beater bar and/or brushes is recommended for cut pile carpets. A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or brushes is best for loop pile carpets.


How to clean polypropylene carpets with a bleach solution

Important: The key is to act quickly; preferably as soon as they occur! The quicker action is taken, the greater chance of avoiding a permanent stain.

  1. A clean, white cloth kitchen towel or tissues should be used.
  2. Stains should be blotted rather than rubbed.
  3. The stain should be worked from the outside in to avoid it spreading.
  4. The pile should be brushed up to help the carpet retain its appearance as it dries.
  5. Any proprietary cleaning agents should be applied to a cloth and not directly to a carpet. If a cleaning agent is used, then the area should be rinsed with clean water but care must be taken not to over wet the carpet.